10 Powerful, tried and tested ways for guilt free Diwali

The most awaited festival of the year, Diwali is knocking on the doors! It is the time to get together with dear ones and enjoy traditional sweets, desserts! Diwali celebrations and sweet treats are  synonymous, right?

Diwali is rooted in ancient traditions of wellness. It is celebrated during Sharad Ritu (autumn season), between mid-September and mid-November. This season marks the end of the wet, rainy season and is a sunny and dry interlude before winter sets in. 

Traditional practices followed in Diwali  are traditional wake up before dawn, applying heated sesame oil on the head and body (along with ubtan powder in some parts of India), having a hot water bath, and wearing new clothes. A mix of Diwali recipes like laddoos, Mysore pak, sev, boondi, chakli, murukku, chivda and so on are eaten early in the day. 

The basic ingredients used in these recipes include rice, lentils, chickpea flour, coconut, jaggery, nuts, seeds, ghee. All of these help control dryness of the body which is caused by the changing weather. These ingredients also balance increased pitta- acidity  and increased hunger during this weather. 

Over a period of time these traditions have changed and is the major reason behind calorie overload and piling extra kilos. While we  indulge in lots of desserts, lip-smacking dishes and chocolates there is guilt  in our mind which keeps warning us about health. 

But let’s have a guilt-free Diwali this year to enjoy delicious foods without ruining the health and diet program by understanding the basics and science behind Diwali.

 My personal suggestion to you is 


 Yesss! Eating is the only way to give a treat to yourself and express an unbroken chain of love, wisdom, togetherness with dear ones! If you try to refrain or avoid eating these sweets, it is only going to build up stress!! And making weight loss even difficult.

Here are my tried and tested tips to enjoy a guilt free Diwali!

  1. Opt Homemade Sweets

Home made sweets with ghee, fresh ingredients truly serve the purpose of nourishing your body. Store bought products have many additives, preservatives, refined oils and extra sugar which harm the body rather than nourishing.

  1. Have heavy wholesome breakfast

This will help you to be energetic throughout the day and keep up the BMR. Because of heavy breakfast you tend to skip mid meals – snacks or eat less at major meals – lunch. This easily  avoids excessive calorie intake.

3. Drink plenty of water

Keep hydrating yourself. Make sure you drink 10-12 glasses of water to ensure better digestion, manage hunger and avoid overeating. You can include lemon water, fresh buttermilk, tender coconut water, herbal tea!

4. Mind your portion size / quantity of food

There is no harm in having Diwali sweets if you keep your serving size under control and do not have a second serving. For eg: Enjoy a ladoo (small size), but don’t binge eat. 

5. Eat mindfully – eat slowly

Along with portion size it is important to eat mindfully. Make sure you chew food properly by keeping your spoon down after every bite. When you eat slowly you tend to eat less. 

You will be able to pretend that you are eating more than others despite being diet conscious. Woohoo!!

6. Be Active – movement 

It is so important to be active throughout the day. The activities like chores, stairs, helping others, active participation in Diwali preparation (activities which we do throughout the day) are really good for our overall health, metabolism and also contribute to calorie burning.

7. Don’t forget fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a powerhouse of essential vitamins and minerals without adding too many calories. The fiber present in them aids digestion, maintains gut microflora. So make sure you have at least 2 fresh WHOLE fruits everyday.

8. Stretch yourself

Continue your exercise regimen. Workout though it is a holiday period. Don’t be LAZY. Get ready and push yourself to exercise for a minimum 45 min everyday.

This will help detoxification, improve blood circulation, good calorie expenditure and strengthen muscles which keeps the body toned.

9. Cut down on chai – tea coffee

Avoid excess cups of tea and coffee just because it is the festive season or holidays. Infact replace chai or coffee with herbal teas like cinnamon, peppermint, rosehip, lavender, lemongrass. BELIEVE me your body can not thank you enough for this real treat!

10. Avoid stress and enjoy the festival to the fullest!

Understand the tradition and reason behind each ritual of this wonderful festival and enjoy it to the fullest in TRUE SENSE. This will make each cell of your body rejuvenated and in fact help your healing Journey!


Make Diwali this year a happy, healthy, healing and rejuvenating Diwali!!!

May it bring all health, prosperity and well being in your life.

About author

Swatee is a highly qualified nutritionist, Registered Dietician, functional nutrition practitioner, entrepreneur with 14 yrs of experience in the field of nutrition with a mission to guide 100000 people live a medicine free life with help of simple, sustainable nutrition – as power medicine!

Published by swatisandhan

Hey, I am an enthusiastic functional nutrition expert with 14 yrs of experience in the field of nutrition. I am a qualified nutritionist with masters degree and a Registered Dietician too. I believe in magical healing power of food and nutrition and want to guide people for the same.

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